About Us.

Initiated by a simple idea of creating, STALE & CO has evolved into a label that embodies the belief of carefully thought-out designs accompanied by quality-made products. Founded in 2012, the brand is recognized by their fine metalsmith skills that influences and prides the reliable quality in their products. 

Never known as the orthodox ones, STALE & CO has always maintained their philosophy of not only crafting well-made products, but to also create designs that are a manifestation of perennial style. Rooted in the discipline of traditional metalsmith, every piece of STALE & CO is designed and made small batch in limited quantity, and by hand from start to end so that attention is given down to the details of each individual piece during its make.

STALE & CO’s design direction can be described as an ‘amalgamation of two opposing concepts’ - the result of the two very distinct styles from both founders, where one is simple and structured, while the other is organically random. The coalitions of both styles are typically exhibited within a single design, displaying the marriage of clean linear shapes of modernism and a touch of natural disintegration.

Made not Manufactured, and Always in Small Batch