How We Make Things: The Signature Stale & Co Hooks

Once in while we get questions such as “so how do you guys make your stuff?” and most of the time we felt that explaining in words simply does not do justice to the whole handcrafting ‘religion’.

This is why we decided to do a special pictorial post on how we make our signature Stale & Co hooks and to give a little insight into what goes on in the studio!


It all starts with a simple spool of brass wire. As much as possible, we like to build everything from scratch (it’s more fun that way…).


After cutting out a specific length of wire, the ends are hammered down so as to allow easy hooking on the final product.


The piece of wire is then twisted into shape.


And more hammering for a nice smooth surface


More twisting and turning the wire to get that perfect curve


We then saw a little corner of the hook so that everything falls nicely into place.


And some final filing for that smooth finish


Viola! A perfect Stale & Co hook in brass completed.


Of course that process takes longer and is much more complicated than 8 photos, but we hope that through this, you get to know a little more about what we do and how we do things!

Till the next time…



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