Material Talks: The Story of Brass

As with all artisans and designers, there is bound to be one ‘weapon of choice’; a material or a tool that the creator feels most happy working with.

For us, that weapon has always been brass.


Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc, and the use of it has been recorded as early as 3rd millennium BC.

So brass is one hell of an old school kid on the block, whom has been hanging out for many thousands of years, and has been known to be one reliable lad.



Brass, brass, and more brass!


And so the question, why do we love brass so much?

To start with, brass is one of the most versatile materials around, which is to say that the limitations of creating works out of brass are only restricted by one’s imagination. You can cut from a brass sheet, forge a brass rod, texture brass, cast it, and even solder two pieces of brass together. Basically, you can create anything you want, as long as you know how to do it.

A brass ball soldered to a piece of formed and textured brass wire


Another aspect of brass which we absolutely love is that brass darkens, creating an antique and rustic look. Due to oxidation, brass will tarnish over time and builds character. The oxidation rate varies depending of the wearer, and can become a personal experience.


This is not to be confused with rust because if you want your brass piece to shine again, a simple polishing cloth or Brasso (this stuff works like magic) will do just the trick. In fact, most water pipes these days are still made out of brass because it does not rust and is highly resistant to corrosion.


 A tarnished piece of brass


Well lastly, one damn good reason why we love using brass is that it is by itself a very tough material and like most metals, becomes tougher when you work harden it. This good old lad is one metal that can take a beating, and not only survive but emerge out tougher than before.

Hammering brass can also create texture on the pieces


Therefore, we can’t really find any other reasons not to love brass!

And so, a lot of our accessories created for men are made of brass because we know that nothing spells out masculinity and maturity more than wearing brass.


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