And it's New York.

It has been over 2 months since we came back from New York City and to be honest, we have missed the hell out of that place. But funny thing is, if you ask us why, we just cannot put a finger to it. So here we are, making a list of some of our most memorable moments of the city they call the Big Apple.

Showcasing at the CAPSULE Trade Show

Well, this is the main reason why we even traveled half way across the world to New York City – to showcase our designs at the CAPSULE AW16 men's show.

Ever since we started Stale & Co over 2 years ago, both Stella and myself had the vision that this was not going to be just another project, but something that was going to be bigger than what we can ever imagined.

Participating in a show like CAPSULE was definitely not the end goal but it was certainly a big step into the right direction that we're heading. The show was absolutely fantastic and we had so much fun meeting different people and talking to them - but most importantly, we got so much positive feedback about our work that it feels really good to know we're doing the right things. And it was really nice that the snow storm cleared just in time for the show, which we took it as a positive sign!

Well, the show's our first but most certainly not our last and we cannot wait for the next one to come.

The show was right on the pier, a brilliant place to be at.


 Our designs on display

Snowstorm Jonas

Less than a week into our arrival to NYC, we found out on the news that the city was going to be hit by one of their worse snow storms. And of course, being tropical city kids, we had no idea what to expect.

So the snow storm came...and it was surprisingly more peaceful than we thought it would be. Well, the less peaceful part was that we had to walk through knee-high snow just to get to the supermarket to stock up on groceries since we had to stay in the apartment for one whole day.

But it was a really nice experience seeing the streets of New York quiet and peaceful, with no vehicles going about...just a lot of snow that's all. Oh, but after the snow, comes something very very terrible - slush.

En route to the supermarket



OK this is a personal favorite. So since Stella's last trip to NYC, she has told me about The Halal Guys and that it was one of the best food she has eaten there. Naturally, i would be sold, i mean come on, rice, meat, sauce. We made a special trip down to the food cart one day to try it for myself.

and the result?

MIND FUCKING BLOWING MAN. What i had was their standard rice platter with chicken and honestly that chicken was perfection. It wasn't dry and went perfectly with the rice drizzled with their signature white sauce. After having a little taste of their chili sauce, i decided not to pour it in because it was REALLY spicy. 

The Halal Guys food carts can be found on the corner of 53rd Street and 6th Ave.

Pastrami Sandwich

Before we left for NYC, I was shown a link of to a place where you can supposedly get the best pastrami sandwich ever - Katz's Deli.

And so, being greedy fucks as we are, we set out a day after the snowstorm (which by the way had the streets piled up with snow and slush) to bravely hunt down this supposedly best pastrami sandwich ever.

The place was somewhere near SoHo area and was not really hard to get to, on normal days that is. However, a short walk from the subway which would usually take 10 mins, took us almost half an hour to get to the Deli with all that slush (fuck i hate slush.). Arriving at the deli, it was at first pretty overwhelming where to order and what not as the place was really bustling with humans all over. So after much surveying, we made our order for 2 pastrami sandwiches.

Ok, i must say that the meat was tender and juicy, and quite frankly, really nice...but i wouldnt go as far as saying it can be the best pastrami sandwich ever, because somehow i feel that there might be something out there that can top this (just not found yet.). More so than the sandwich itself, Katz's Deli was a real nice moment of our trip as it was the journey there that was more fun. The build-up, the excitement, getting our socks soaked in snow water, the longer-than-usual walk; that was memorable. But here are some photos for you to drool at. And for the record, i'm having this several pastrami craving the past few days and the photos aren't helping much.



Stella never stopped talking about the MET ever since her last trip to NYC, which is why it was a place that she had to bring me to. It was quite a walk from the subway to the MET, but with the weather, it was a rather nice walk.

When we turned the corner of the street, the sight of the architecture of the MET was truly something to behold. And the inside of it, was even more amazing. I mean, we're talking about an entire building filled with centuries worth of art and history, rooms and corners that has so much stories in them. There were ancient art pieces, and Egyptian mummies (mummies!) much to see. Spending almost an entire day there brought about so much inspiration to our next collection, and we cannot wait putting things into motion.

After spending an entire day, we didn't even manage to scratch the surface of the place. Well, that just means we'll have to go back again, no?

The MET's exterior


Well, this is not the entirety of our trip but some of the things that struck us the most. It has been a fruitful and nice trip, and we cannot wait to be back. Now begs the question - Summer or Winter.....

Catch up with y'all folks again!


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