Stale & Co Blog / Feb 2015

The Power of Creation

We have been asked too many times this question – “why don’t you guys outsource your things to a factory to be mass produced and finished? Wouldn’t that make things so much easier for you?”

Yes, we agree that will definitely make things much easier and that our hands would be less tired.

But…why should we?

In our modern day and age (especially in Singapore!), everything happens rapidly – buildings are built faster, factories churn out things faster, people move faster… everything happen, well faster. But if you were to just slow down for a second and think, most things around us are made and not created. Which brings me to the exact reason why we do metalsmith, and that is – The Power of Creation.



The human hands - our tools for creation

Ever since the start of time, us humans have been given the special gift of creating things with our hands and minds. Over the span of history, we mankind have managed to create culture, art, history and so much more (well, some good and some ugly). And it is this simple fact that we humans are able to create so many things that fascinates and drives us to do metalsmith in Singapore just to simply, create.


Every hammered line speaks individuality

This is why we invest hours on each individual piece, from melting the metal to finishing the final product. Through our labor, you are able to take back something that is individually unique as no 2 pieces of the same design will ever be the same (just look into the details!). And this is something that modern day factories can never give you - the satisfaction of individuality.

So yea, I guess the answer is clear as to the question on why we do not outsource the production of our designs – it is simply because we love to create.


Each individual pieces are created from start to finish

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