Stale & Co Blog / June 2015

We Moved On...(A New Chapter Begins)

So after spending close to 4 years along our beloved Kandahar Street, we finally shifted our studio, and now we’re situated right in the middle of the charming (and very sleepy) estate of Joo Chiat Road.

For those who are not familiar with Singapore’s districts, Joo Chiat road is one place that is rich with culture, heritage, and history – particularly the Singapore Perenakan culture. Today, it has become a melting pot of good food, hip cafes and shops, age-old business, and the somewhat peculiar businesses.

And so we decided to call Joo Chiat our home for now, as we quietly settled into a 4th level unit in a old shop house located at 237C Joo Chiat Road.

What transpired for the entire month of May was a total transformation of the space that we leased – from something that looked rather… odd, into a cozy and comfortable space where we (and hopefully) visitors can feel comfortable.

Right from the moment we signed the lease agreement, both our brains visualizing what we wanted for our new space, and we saw it.


The floor....the walls.....the horror.


As you can see from the photos before we took over, the floor was covered in vinyl flooring, and underneath it was another layer of carpet. And of course, being fussy people as we are, we decided that it was a fantastic idea to rip everything out on our own (we actually did) to expose the cement flooring beneath.

Next was the walls, oh my, the walls. What we got was walls painted in kind of shit (literally, poop) color, and what we did was to repaint the walls into colors that were easier on the eyes – black and white (and yes once again, on our own).

Back in our old studio at Kandahar, what we had was only a small workspace that barely fit 2 persons in it. So with a bigger space at hand, we wanted to create a space where we can display the pieces that we made and open it up to the public.

So we separated the entire space into 2 – one for our metalsmith workspace, and the other a retail showroom.

(Note the distinct difference between the workspace and the retail showroom?)


What we did was create a visual separation of spaces within the space with the use of a metal shelf as well as the play of natural sunlight. So what you see is that our workspace is practically lit with the natural sunlight, and the retail showroom slightly dimmed for a cozy atmosphere.

We used wood extensively throughout the entire studio, as we wanted to balance out a natural and rustic feel against the slick black walls – to build the perfect backdrop for displaying of our accessories.


Lots of wood was used in our studio, including naturally aged vintage display boxes


A part of our workspace - organized neatly for the time being.


A little detail onto our showroom.


So there you have it – 237C Joo Chiat Road transformed within a month.

The final product


You know what feeling when you finally managed to create something in reality that was previously only visualized in your head? Ya, that feeling was being tired as hell!

Thankfully, right after we finished the place, we took a well-deserved holiday to the land of smiles in Bangkok. I would have shared some photos of the trip, but we were too busy stuffing our faces with all the Thai food and napping while doing our massages.

Now that we are officially opened, this is an open invitation to you – come by our space at 237C Joo Chiat Road, Singapore 427494 and say hi to us (and maybe purchase something!). We promise we wouldn’t bite and probably will serve you coffee if we haven’t finished them yet. Oh, have fun with the stairs!

And a final note... Both Stella and myself would like to take this chance to thank those people who have contributed (by little or by a lot) into helping us with our "Operation move the damn studio". Seriously, this whole thing wouldn't have been possible without the help of you guys and girls (yall will know exactly who you are). We love you!


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