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On Architecture and Cuffs

Recently, I have been in a phase of design whereby I become more conscious about the meaning behind designs and I can certainly attribute this new consciousness to a person whom I hold much admiration for – Tadao Ando.

 For those who are unfamiliar with Tadao Ando, he is a Japanese architect who is very much responsible for beauties such as the Church of the Light in Osaka and the Meditation Space at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris.


Ceiling of the Meditation Space at the UNESCO Headquarters, Paris, France.


 I’m no Architect or anywhere near an architecture buff, but to look at Tadao Ando’s works and read about his philosophies behind those works very much inspired me to look deeper into the process of designing.

Take for example the Church of the Light in Osaka, Japan. The structure is not only magnificent looking to visitors, but it has been said many times that by entering the place, it evokes a certain feeling and energy within oneself. And taking time to read into why the place was designed this way, it is mind blowing as to how every detail of the building had a purposeful meaning behind it. The light, the material, the direction of the cross; everything had a purpose to it.

In essence, he brought life to the inanimate building.


Church of the Light, Osaka, Japan.

Church of the Light, Osaka, Japan.


So what has that got to do with designing, in particularly designing accessories?

In today’s time, there are hundreds, if not thousands of fashion accessories flooding the market and they come in all sorts of designs. But how many do we actually remember? And what exactly separates a good design from the rest of the thousands of designs? I feel that more than the aesthetics of the accessory; it is the understanding of the design thought process is very much important as well. Which is why designer pieces usually cost way lot more than fast-fashion outlet pieces.


The Kale Spiral Cuff Bracelet


And this brings me to share a little about the Kale Spiral Cuff.

Before the design came to life, I wanted to do something that will bring life to the inanimate material of metal – just like how Tadao Ando did with his architecture. Metal as a material has often been perceived as cold and distant, which is the bi-polar opposite of the human and I wanted to bring these 2 ends together.

So after much thought, the idea of twisting came to my mind. Not merely just twisting the cuff, but twisting it in a way that the cuff will rest very comfortably just slightly above the wrist bone. And by doing so, I wanted to create a certain energy flow that will connect the cuff through its spiral form together with the human arm. The corrugated texture has also been added in to allow the wearer to feel the material’s existence because to touch is to feel and is to know.


The Kale Spiral Cuff Bracelet


 Such is our ode to the structure beauty of architecture and to the philosophies of Tadao Ando. Do take time to discover his other works which are pretty damn awesome as well - you will not be disappointed!

 p.s. we have made a visiting reservation to the Church of the Light this coming Wednesday and I’m bloody fucking excited about it! We will certainly post more photos up when the happens, and till then………..

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