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Stale & Co Selects

Stale & Co Selects
A gathering of well-made products with a story to tell – curated specially for those who seek for things out of the ordinary. Personally selected by the designers/founders of Stale & Co and Stelliyah.

So what exactly is Stale & Co Selects?

The idea of selects has long been conceived many years ago when we first started traveling a little around. Whenever we come across interesting things, we have always thought it be cool to buy them and share it with people back home – the only thing that kept us from doing so was that we didn’t have a proper channel to do so (also we were pretty damn broke back then to do anything else…).

Well, ever since we moved in here to Joo Chiat Road and set up our showroom to display the accessories that we make, we realized that hey! We actually have an outlet now to do selects!

Which is why on our recent travels, we started looking out for interesting things and buying them in small quantity to sell them through Stale & Co Selects. And of course, we are not going about getting just everything we see (I would loveee to but sometimes the lady boss disagrees with some of my questionable selections), we want to only get things that we ourselves would use in our own lives. The reason being is that we want to proper curate a selection of products in our store, that properly reflect our beliefs in terms of aesthetics, designs, crafts, philosophies, etc…


Naturally hand-dyed cotton scarf (Click Image to view product)


So every product you see that we have stocked has been put together after much discussion and planning, and that fits with the Stale & Co ideology. The quantity stocked for each product is limited and would not probably be restocked once they sell out, well this is because we want to always be able to circulate the things that we carry so that you guys can get to always enjoy fresh products.

On top of products that are sourced by us, Stale & Co Selects also carries various lifestyle brands that we feel very strongly connected with. The brands that we have invited on board Stale & Co Selects are those that we have been following for a while, and are those that we believe having a very strong philosophy behind the things that they produce.


Indigo dyed Japanese print tote bag (Click Image to view product)


At the end of the day, what we really wanted to do with Stale & Co Selects is not only to be able to share with people things that we ourselves really believe and like, but also to be able to create a platform for people to be able to buy products that are different and not like anything else they can get else where.

On the course of the next weeks, we’ll take time to slowly introduce the different brands and things that we have in stock here at Stale & Co Selects.

Stale & Co Selects is not only going to be stationed here on 237C Joo Chiat Road, we’ll also be doing some traveling around to various events and markets so to bring our wares to more people. Here are some of the upcoming events that we will be taking part in:


27th & 28th November

Public Garden Christmas Market

11am to 7pm

F1 Pit Building, Singapore


 4th & 5th December

DREAM x Bloesem Christmas Market

4pm – 9pm (Friday)

11am – 7pm (Sat)

DREAM Showroom, 456 River Valley Road


 19th & 20th December

Public Garden Christmas Market

11am to 7pm

F1 Pit Building, Singapore


Stay tuned to our Facebook events page ( for more updates on any upcoming events.

Till the next time we’ll see you, have a good one!


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