A beautiful twist to signify the start of forever.


The Stale & Co Mobius Strip wedding band is handcarved individually, with a flatten out inside for a smoother wearing experience. 


Each piece is made to order and will take at least 8 weeks or more from time of order to delivery depending on our production schedule - because good things take time. 


Materials Avaliable 

14K Yellow Gold

14K White Gold

18K Yellow Gold

18K White Gold

Sterling Silver



High Shine



US5 - US9

We strongly advise clients to make an appointment to come by our studio to have your ring size accurately measured. Check out our sizing chart here.







Mobius Strip Band

  • Width: ~3mm

    Thickness: ~1-1.5mm

  • Have any more questions? Feel free to contact us (how about clicking here) and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.