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Our Story


About Us

From Our Hands to Yours

Initiated by the simple idea of creating, Stale & Co has evolved into a label that embodies the belief of carefully thought-out designs accompanied by quality-made pieces. Here, we believe that the human touch is the most important factor in jewelry making - from the design, the process and finally onto the hands of every individual customer.

Our Design Approach

Individuality Expressed Through Jewelry

Our approach to creating every piece of Stale & Co is that every individual has a unique story that deserves to be told in a unique way.

Whether it is our Commission Projects or Ready-To-Wear range, each Stale & Co piece is designed with the intention of telling a story through its unique features.

Our Craft

Ethical Metals

Our gold is sourced from suppliers who handle metals from refineries listed on international precious metal associations, so that we can continue to express stories through our craft in an ethical manner. In addition to having good legal standing, listed refiners must be capable of independently certifying and auditing that all of their supplies are conflict-free and traceable.

Our Craft

Made not Manufactured.

With over ten years experience learning traditional metalsmithing skills from masters across the globe, we take pride in making jewelry that is unique and durable. Every step of making a Stale & Co piece is done by hand, ensuring that the quality is never compromised.

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